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Hey Vince and Erika,

We want to thank you for breeding an outstanding dog. We started are involvement with Presa Canarios in 1999 and over the past years, we have owned several great dogs with exceptional structure and drive. They were true representatives of the original breed. In December 2011, we lost our beautiful female, and we began a search for another dog. After contacting breeders from all over the United States and abroad, we were introduced to your kennel and website by a good friend. To be honest, we were very skeptical , Big Presas, yea right! However, after speaking with you, we developed a good relationship, and we decided to send you a deposit, still somewhat cautious.

What I did notice after doing business with you is that we not only received a very professional, conversation and information, but a truly incredible dog. This dog (Mufasa) is a clear representative of the breed in every way. His size is unbelievable, with a high prey drive. His bone structure is huge and solid! He is a lovable dog, and he does not show any signs of being a crack head dog at this point in his development. His temperament is stable.

He is working with Gary of K-9 Guardian in Lockport, Illinois, and they see no reason that he should not title in the French Ring once he is mature. Mufasa is an obedient, brilliant, attentive and affectionate dog. He fits very well into our family, and we look forward to loving him and watching him grow and reach his full potential.

So again thanks to you and Erika for breeding such a great dog, and a true Presa Canario. You should be proud of what you do.

Dr. Tracy Scott

Hello Vincent & Erica!
We just wanted to forward you some pictures of Odi. He is now 11 months old and 140 pounds. He is doing amazing! He is eating a completely raw diet & loves it. He goes to dog camp 1 day a week and we take him to a dog park with at least 20-40 dogs and he is the KING!!! He is so great with everyone! Everyone comments on how big his head is!!! His head is just like his dad & his body is long like his mom. He is so smart – too smart!! We love him so much & can’t thank you both enough!!


Andrea & Jeff McEvo

We Love our new puppy “Maximus” From Titan X Lea, he is already a member of our family, Great smart pup!  Thanks a million Montreal Presa Canarios – Nico in Italy

My family of 6 loves our new puppy! He protects and plays with our 4 children…as well as us! Very sociable, protective, and importantly healthy! – thank  Montrealpresa     Dan in Chicago  No nonsense just big dogs!

We offer impressive authentic Presa Canario puppies for sale - Call us to inquire about our beefcake Presa Canarios. A Presa Canario Puppy may be shipped by air to wherever your located. We breed for temperament, health, intelligence, bone structure, and beauty!. They have excellent temperaments. They are socialized with many friends and family!

The Presa Canario breed of dog loves attention affection and love. Once the Presa Canario bonds with its owner or family members and they are very loyal by protecting it's domain and territory to any threat! No matter animal or man. The Presa Canario is a perfect dog if you like to kick back and relax or like to do energetic things!

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